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Crywolf and Fenrir Suggestion

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  • Crywolf and Fenrir Suggestion

    CryWolf Event
    Full information:

    Explaining why this Event is so important - it is one of the TOP 3 Season 3 events that attracted most players back in the day and how diversity of the players was extremely important for this specific event.
    Many other servers did not gave any attention to this event and it used to be the biggest and the "lamest" event you could participate, due to the length of the event itself and the fact, that if there is no Elf, you can't even start it.

    So, my suggestions for this event are:

    - Increase massively jewel of life, bless (even +1/+2/+3 with extreme rarity), soul (even +1/+2/+3 with extreme rarity), guardian, harmony, gemstones from attacking monsters also drop excellent items +0 (the higher the grade, the better, like season 4 exe items and such).
    - Small Bosses - to drop +13 Semi-Full Option items.
    - Balgass - Let it drop Items like 4FunMu, and possibly 2 or even 3 of them (if even it weekly), obviously, it needs to be as strong or even stronger than 4FunMu Bosses.
    - Kundun - allow it to drop 4-7 items - ANCIENT (remember, that this event is not daily event.)

    - Also, give additional Reward of either jewel or rena or even credits for Top 1 to Top 5 Damage Dealers - this will bring even bigger incentive for players to participate.

    Writing this into separate suggestion, as it is quite personally favourable thing for myself, so I want to give as much attention to it as possible.

    Click image for larger version

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    Please add FENRIR as it is originally intended and INCREASE 2x or 3x Webshop price for it and I will give you reasons why to do that.

    Fenrir used to be one of the most seeked vanity item of the game, when it first came out and it used to give players things to do. Not everyone will enjoy it or love it, but those who are sentimental or maxed out, will have an extra things to do.
    It is an item that should, in my modest and honest opinion, be not easily obtained, but once you get it, not only you have a satisfaction that you've got it, as it is hard to make (depends on server pre-configurations and dev/admin decision of course), but also something you can show off to others and be like "Hey look at me, I've got it bwahahahaha".

    This is my image:

    Firstly, Fenrir Creation:
    Fenrir Combination

    Stage 1
    • 20 pieces of Splinter of Armor
    • 20 pieces of Bless of Guardian
    • 1 Jewel of Chaos

    This combination will produce a Piece Horn (70% success rate)
    Stage 2
    • 5 Piece of Horn
    • 10 pieces of Claw of Beast
    • 1 Jewel of Chaos

    This combination will produce a Broken of Horn (50% success rate)
    Stage 3
    • 1 Broken Horn
    • 3 Jewels of Life
    • 1 Jewel of Chaos
    • 10M Zen

    This combination will produce a Horn of Fenrir (30% success rate)

    (This is obviously default and original settings of global cabal)

    Farming Part:

    CryWolf Map would be the location. Drop rate can be anything from 15% to 25% but definitely not more, as it should take time to farm it. (Idealy, every 5th-10th mob would drop it accordingly to the monster type).
    - NOTE - Do remember, that it might take few times to make it (due to success chance) and the fact, that just to make 1, you need 100s of materials.

    This would give a huge boost to the map itself and it could be a huge farming place for those "want-to-have-all" type of players, while at the same time, it would give a bit of a boost to market, might not be too much, but something, as people who would farm it for other players would be able to sell it.

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    It's a good idea to host a monthly reoccurring event, I'm not sure if we would do it for Crywolf first since there are ofc the 3 classic events BC / CC / DS which is usually more attended to.
    But yes, maybe in the future we might add some monthly events to spice things up a bit.
    As for your suggestions for the Crywolf event, they are (mostly) accepted and I've passed them on to dualiTy's to-do list for tonight!
    As for the Fenrir, I answered that in the previous thread.
    [QUOTE]Fenrir - This suggestion was denied simply because it's already in the game, you can find these drops at Crywolf and create Black & Red & Blue Fenrir. [No Gold Currently][/QUOTE]
    For further questions on this subject feel free to pm me.
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