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    WEBSITE Features [Additional]
    - Display Event times - meaning when Blood Castle, Chaos Castle, Invasions, Ring of Hell, Road of Death and ETC starts. Some of the players would appreciate it as they are very eager to hunt specific events and they could plan for it better.
    Yes, I do understand it is showing in the game, but it shows 5mins to it or instantly open and then you're like in the middle of resets and have to panic and decide what to do.

    - In some server, long time ago, I've seen a fun feature, where a player could farm for "event points", like the points you collect in Blood Castle or Devil Square, they are being saved in the website and each player can see their points and it was either Top 1 to 5 for which they get rewards or they can convert it to credits.

    - Add some sort of a gambling point for credits or something like that. A lot of adult players would like to test their luck haha

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    Agreed 100%
    Also added to dualiTy 's to-do list for tonight, let's hope he's able to do it.
    As for the Event Points - It's too many extra rewards, we do not want players farming credits so easily.
    As for the Gambling System - it can't be issued with our Web system.
    I will keep this thread open until I have an answer about adding the Event clock to the website.
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      That list will added soon


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        Then it's settled, countdown timers will be added to the website soon enough.