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Game Master Application Format (Must-read before posting one)

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  • Game Master Application Format (Must-read before posting one)

    • Keep it professional.
    • No lying on your Apps (We're conducting background checks)
    • Not too short
    • Not too long
    • No flippant, chicky attitude
    • Stick to the format

    Before posting your Application first make sure you:
    • Have decent coverage of knowledge about Mu Online at all, and Season 3 Episode 1 in specific.
    • Are a mature person capable of working inside a team, and leading others.
    • Have a decent post count in our Forums & Discord, of helpful and informative nature.

    - Fluent English
    - Unbiased.
    - Leadership skills
    - Good knowledge of the server and its custom features
    - Ability to dedicate at least 25 hours a week to the job [3.5 hours per day]
    - Hosting a minimum of 30 events a week. [3k Coins Daily Budget, 500 Coins per Event]
    - Constant (as possible) activity in our Forums, Discord server, and other Social Media networks (This includes answering questions, dealing with player
    reports, requests, suggestions, advertising our server in Social Media, and overseeing for the community's general good).

    Also, make sure you do not post an application on your first month here, honestly, we most probably will decline it for having a low post count in the forums, or lack of informative and helpful behavior shown to us.
    So start working on your reputation in-game and in forums (Including our Discord server) before applying.

    Now here are some pointers that might help you get the job, but be aware they alone won't cut it:

    I've been a Game Master before: That's great bro/sis! although our server has custom features to it, and we need you to have great knowledge about our server, but then again, we'd prefer someone who's already answered the call of duty and has it in their blood to help others.
    So just make sure you hang with us a little while to learn about our server and player needs before you apply! take this one seriously.

    I have great knowledge of your server: We know we just told you to do that in order to apply, but, that solely is not enough, anyone can answer questions in-game and in our Social-Media without being a Game Master.
    What we want to see is dedication, stable behavior (and not just to impress us while we're looking, consistency, and passion!

    Social Media Involvement: You must be active in our Forum & Discord server because they're a huge part of the game itself.

    - Answering other players' inquiries.
    - Providing accurate and helpful information
    -Being relatively known.
    -Friendly to others (at all times)

    How to TOTALLY fail it:
    • Post an application that is your 1st - 5th post.
    • Breaking any rule from our Game Rules before applying
    • Not reading our Game Rules before applying
    • Worthless self-promotion via bashing - if you have a fancy reputation following you we expect you to prove it.
    • Poor English
    • Copy & Paste other Applications


    Q: What is expected of me as a GM?

    A: Being a hard worker, acting for the Community's general good, it's not just about hosting events and entertaining.
    You have to be our eyes in the field and help us to grow and improve, constantly finding out the players' needs and sharing them with the rest of the staff.
    You have to be active for at least 4 hours a day in-game and on our social media, committed to performing daily tasks such as dealing with player reports, settling disputes, and constantly seeking ways to improve the gameplay experience.

    Q: Do I get paid?

    A: You get paid on a monthly basis with Credits.

    Q: What kind of powers do I get?

    A: Forums & Discord: GM status with the ability to warn and partial moderator powers.
    In-game: ban, DC, skins/invisible, god mode, teleport, trace, global messages, event rewards

    Q: Where do I apply?

    A: Here, click me


    Please follow the format. You may add any additional information at the end of your application.
    Discord is a required form of communication for any staff member.
    • Real Name + Ingame Name
    • Guild:
    • Age:
    • Gender:
    • Country + Timezone:
    • Discord Name: You must mention your Discord name, if you don't have one, go create one as soon as possible
    • Languages: Mention your native language.
    • Experience on 4FunMU:
    • Availability during a regular week: hours per day
    • What are your biggest weaknesses?
    • What are your biggest strengths?
    • Why should we hire you?
    Keep in mind that we are only looking for professional hard workers, so it must show on your application, and on your reputation.

    Good Luck.
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