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Moderator Application Format (Must-read before posting one)

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  • Moderator Application Format (Must-read before posting one)

    Hello, Dear 4Funners!

    The 4FunMU Forum is a place for our community to interact, socialize, and also fulfill their in-game tasks such as Marketing, and so on.
    In order to control the Forum activity, we need a Moderator to oversee the Forum Sections, keeping them clean from anything that violates our Forum rules. You start as a Test Moderator at first, and if you pass your 30-Days trial time, the title Moderator will be granted permanently to you.

    Moderator Necessities:
    • Language: Must know English fluently. (Doesn't have to be your Native Language)
    • Personality: Helping others is in your blood, your Temper is always in check, and you do not let your emotions cloud your decisions.
    • Zen: Unbiased, temper in check, and able to perform long/tedious tasks for a long period of time.
    • Devotion: In solving issues, helping others, and building a prosperous Community.
    • Creativity: In solving issues, dealing with reports (regarding the forum), and creating fun Forum Events for our Community to thrive on.
    Your job is inclusive of:
    • Moderating Functions at the Forum.
    • Fun tasks.
    • Creativity in creating Forum Activity & Events.
    • Keeping our Forum clean from any threats or violations of our rules.
    • Building your own personality through leading others and discovering more about yourself. [This also applies to real life]

    Application Format:
    • Name, Age, IGN, short description
    • Native language+other known languages
    • Why do you want to apply for this position?
    • What can you contribute to the Community?
    • How much time can you invest in Forums? (Including Discord & Other Social Medias)

    You can apply by posting a thread with your application in the format stated above, >>here<<. Also, your application thread must have your name as the title, like this: "Name"-Moderator Application

    Thank You,
    The 4FunMU Team
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