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    All bans are excecuted accordingly to the boundaries set in Game Related Banning Processes.
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    Character Name(s):KHROM, JPChenet, PapaNja
    Ban Reason(s): Staff Disrespect + Staff family insult + Advertising other Mu server
    Proof: 1, 2, 3, 4
    Ban Duration: *Takes out Calculator*
    KHROM(PapaNja/JPChenet): 2 ordinary curses + advertise other mu + heavy insult towards a staff member + some more momma jokes + bashing against the server

    It is strictly forbidden to insult or disrespect a staff member.
    This matter is taken seriously.

    Penalty: 1st: 3-days ban by account; 2nd: 5-days ban by account; 3rd: 7 up to 14 days ban by account depending on the situation. 4th: 14 up to 28 days ban by account depending on the situation. 5th: 56-days ban by account. 6th: permanent ban by account.
    • Heavy insults (Family Insults, Racism):

    Penalty: 1st: 14-days ban by account; 2nd: permanent ban by account.
    • Advertising other mu servers in-game:

    Penalty: - Permanent Account Ban + IP address ban.
    to sum it up, since it's our first day and still in the good spirit of the new year, you will only get 14 days outside of the game banned by account to all of your accounts involved in this case.
    Although you have passed some dark lines there, forgiveness will not be shown to you again.
    Bear in mind that we take Staff disrespect VERY seriously, as well as advertising, and the punishment for them is strict.
    And another one, we don't want to see you advertise EVER again, calling a staff member names, curses in Russian (which we DO actually understand or any next offense you get will lead to a permanent ban.
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