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  • [Player]Report format Player's

    Report Format

    Before you post read this and make your report by format or it will be Closed and Trashed, but you will get warning. If you will continue to post in bad format - it will lead to ban forum account.

    Thread Name: [Prefix] Who you report
    1. Your Nickname: MyNickName
    2. Nickname of the rulebreaker: NameOfReported
    3. Proofs: Link to SS or Video
    4. Note: Also can write comment with situation explanation. It will help us to make a proper ban.

    Proof Policy (SS):
    - Should be opened Full Chat Logo (f4).
    - Screenshot should be readable.
    - Do not edit or resize screenshot. Upload it directly from ...\Games\4Fun MU folder
    - Upload your screenshot to,,
    (We will not download screenshot from file-host or from inappropriate link)

    Proof Policy (Video):
    - The video must be at least 1~2 minutes long
    - Must have good quality
    - Edited video will not be accepted
    - Show name of the player you who you reporting (By opening game panel "D" and pointing mouse at reported player)
    - At least 3 kills are required in video
    - At this video you should show your stats and all equipment
    - Recommended record programs: Fraps or Bandicam