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4Fun Boss - Everything You Need To Know

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  • 4Fun Boss - Everything You Need To Know

    Happy Gaming Everyone,

    The ferocious boss stands his ground at Devias / Dungeon 1 / 2 / 3 / 4.

    It will only appear every 12 hours starting from the moment you've defeated it.

    One 4Fun Boss is located In each map [Devias / Dungeon] thus concluding 2 Bosses to defeat in total.

    In order to kill the boss, you will require a variety of three different characters at least or a full stats character.

    Boss Reward

    Once defeated, the Boss will drop 2 Items:

    One x F.O Item (90% Drop Rate) or One x Ancient Item (20%-25% Drop Rate) or One Non F.O Item (10%-15% Drop Rate)

    (Coming Soon!) One x ______ (220 of ______ = 1 Full set of choice from the list ahead)

    I will drop here a list of all the drops 4Fun Boss Has. [Yeah ik you saw what I did there ]
    - These items can only be obtained by hunting the boss, they will not appear at the Webshop.


    Sonic Blade

    Asura Blade

    Blast Breaker

    Maces & Scepters:

    Horn of Steel


    Magma Spear


    Miracle Staff

    Spite Staff


    Lazy Wind Shield

    Dark Devil Shield

    Magic Knight Shield

    Ambition Shield

    Full Sets:

    Super Demonic Set (Gogeta Set)

    Vahalla Set

    Cerberus Set

    Erinys Set

    Arch Demonic Set

    Magic Knight Set

    Santa Set

    Happy Hunting!

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